16 APR 2024

Gubbins 1.1.1

  • Fixed an issue with the Black Hole which would cause other Gubbins to break (UFO, Chili, Meteor)
  • Fixed an issue with the Meteor Gubbin, and its ability to track jumbled tiles
  • Meteors will now try to avoid landing near each other, as to not break the game (and our minds)
  • Fixed issue with Sock Gubbin trying to destroy itself
  • Sped up Mushroom Gubbin spotlight animation
  • Pencils will now prioritise creating 'common' words
  • Fixed missing 'Saved to Photos' popup in postcard menu
  • Added Streak sticker for postcard making
  • Added a new additional option for turning off streak tracker on main menu (nested in Accessibility & More in the Settings)
  • Bundles and purchased items should more accurately update in the Kiosk based on what you have purchased.
  • Fixed issues with using undo after some Gubbins (Black Hole, Meteor)
  • Added the pause button during Gubbin selection to allow exiting the game.


  • We are aware of a rare bug that causes Gubbin selection to break. We are investigating this issue.
  • Playing a UFO, Chili or Meteor on the same turn as a Black Hole expires can cause some tiles to appear in the wrong place temporarily. This is only a visual issue, and only while the tiles update to the Black Hole's rotation.
  • Entering a "Special" word will trigger the new visual even if you have that setting turned off.


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