18 DEC 2023

Gubbins 1.0.6

Merry Christmas and happy holidays folks. I just wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming support this year. It’s been a month since launch, and we’ve still been working really hard on rad stuff for you and we have a cool patch live RIGHT NOW.

Make sure you’re on the latest build and get stuck into it!


Tis the season! Limited time postcard stickers and backgrounds are available (and automatically unlocked) until the 7th of January, when they will disappear. Get stuck into Gubbins during the festive season and make delightfully seasonal postcards. Send them to us and everyone else you love.

9 x Stickers
3 x Backgrounds (with a bunch of different colour variants)


Since launch we’ve had a lot of folks give us feedback around the visually “loud” nature of the game. Whilst we love where we’ve landed visually, we wanted to provide more options for folks who find some of the visual noise distracting or annoying. Here are the new options in the settings menu!

  • Particles (Toggle the confetti off/on)
  • Combo effects (Toggle the board colour shift during combo off/on)
  • Screen wipes (Toggle the Gubbin avalanche screen wipes off/on)
  • Gatecrashers (Toggle the random Gubbins that just pop up randomly when you’re thinking / playing off/on)


Added to the main menu. Streaks are continued EASILY by starting or finishing any game.

Don’t you dare let it drop back to zero, and don’t you dare email us asking to fix it if it does (we have no control here, we can’t help you).


Now, Gubbins will expire after you’ve placed all valid tiles in the draw pile, even if they have charge left. So, if a lock jumps out on the last row and attempts to ruin a good combo, place every tile (before the FIN tile) and the lock will be dismissed.


  • HEAPS of dictionary additions. Please keep sending us words!
  • Massive UI feedback updates across many areas of the game, as prompted by our tech overlords.
  • Added Android back button support
  • Added warning for placing FIN tile when there are words remaining on the board
  • Update score display UI
  • Updated tutorial cloud line weight
  • Removed outline from gubbins screen
  • Shop UI Updates
  • Achievement banner now visible during unlock sequence
  • Hateful word filter has been updated


  • Fixes for Google Pixel Fold resolution
  • Fix for grammar in Rollerskate description
  • Fix for slight lag in animations
  • Fix for "Saved to Photos" being captured in postcards
  • Fix for clash between Rainbow and Sunshine Gubbins
  • Fix for remaining sessions not updating at 3am
  • Fix for hard lock caused by profanity detection on board
  • Fix for Daily Game Mode panel and Score Postcard not reflecting archived daily game dates
  • Fix for multitouch causing tiles to get dropped unintentionally
  • Fix for localised months in Daily Archive menu
  • Fix for full screen shop items creeping up the screen
  • Fix for never ending Giant animations


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