14 MAR 2024


The Astronomy Gubbins are live folks! Get stuck into some more Gubbins action with your intergalactic pals, The Planet, UFO, Constellation, Meteor and Black Hole. Pick up the Planet for FREE right now in the Kiosk and consider buying the rest of the crew.

We’ve also got some other funky new purchasables, like a punctuation sticker pack and some fresh menu updates where we’ll be announcing more cool things in the coming weeks.

Hope you love it! Excited to see your astronomy postcards!


PLANET (4) Good — Attracts all Bad Gubbins,pulling them to nearby spaces.
Perfect to save your board from being messed with by most of the bad Gubs! The anti-bad-gub gub.

UFO (2) Good — Removes 3 adjacent letters, on expiry replaces them with Pencils.
Abducts letters, replacing them with a stronger more versatile race. How long have pencils seemlessly walked amongst our letter brethren?

CONSTELLATION (4) Good — Moves randomly, leaving moveable letters behind.
Detect patterns across the board and make some more words. Try moving the constellation in other ways to increase value.

BLACK HOLE (2) Bad — Rotates the board to the right, and reverse it on expiration.
This Gubbin’s largest impact is the psychic damage it inflicts when it lands.

METEOR (3) Bad — Shuffles all adjacent tiles, and reverse it on expiration.
Wait, where were those tiles again?


Our new and improved dictionary will now generate cute easter egg responses to hundreds more words (thanks Nerdfighters), celebrated with a shiny new animation. Your responses we’re overwhelming and we’ve still got about a third to go through!

The main menu has been updated! We’ve got a little newsfeed so you can see the shiny new things we get up to.

New packs! The Punctuation Pack has loads of punc stickers to really express yourself; and the Chonkiest Bundle, Space Punc and Space Travel pack are great value ways to grab all the Gub fun you could want. Basically you’ll see different deals based on what you don’t have yet.

Fixed issue with the Sock Gubbin not copying other Gubbins correctly and breaking the game.