1 NOV 2023


In case you missed it, a few important bug fixes are LIVE! Just navigate to your respective store pages and make sure you've downloaded the latest build (v0.227.9). Thank you for all the bug reports! We appreciate you early testers more than you know. You are the realest of real.

Navigate to your respective stores to ensure you're on the latest build, v0.227.9. This version number is now visible in the pause / settings menu as of this build too!

Happy gubbing. 


  • Fixed a bug that blocked purchases on iOS (Came with an "invalid Receipt" error message)
  • Fixed a mean bug that would cause a complete loss of save data, and a progress reset
  • Added version number to settings and pause menus
  • Fix for the daily archive being off by one day
  • Fixed a soft lock which could occur when unlocking an achievement and placing the FIN tile simultaneously
  • Fixed a soft lock in the tutorial flow that could occur by rotating an unintended tile
  • The reset data button is generally more robust
  • Fixed touch detection on the in-game Gubbins Selection screen


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