16 APR 2024

Gubbins 1.1.1

  • Fixed an issue with the Black Hole which would cause other Gubbins to break (UFO, Chili, Meteor)
  • Fixed an issue with the Meteor Gubbin, and its ability to track jumbled tiles
  • Meteors will now try to avoid landing near each other, as to not break the game (and our minds)
  • Fixed issue with Sock Gubbin trying to destroy itself
  • Sped up Mushroom Gubbin spotlight animation
  • Pencils will now prioritise creating 'common' words
  • Fixed missing 'Saved to Photos' popup in postcard menu
  • Added Streak sticker for postcard making
  • Added a new additional option for turning off streak tracker on main menu (nested in Accessibility & More in the Settings)
  • Bundles and purchased items should more accurately update in the Kiosk based on what you have purchased.
  • Fixed issues with using undo after some Gubbins (Black Hole, Meteor)
  • Added the pause button during Gubbin selection to allow exiting the game.


  • We are aware of a rare bug that causes Gubbin selection to break. We are investigating this issue.
  • Playing a UFO, Chili or Meteor on the same turn as a Black Hole expires can cause some tiles to appear in the wrong place temporarily. This is only a visual issue, and only while the tiles update to the Black Hole's rotation.
  • Entering a "Special" word will trigger the new visual even if you have that setting turned off.


We got you at:

        14 MAR 2024

        GUBBINS 1.1.0

        The Astronomy Gubbins are live folks! Get stuck into some more Gubbins action with your intergalactic pals, The Planet, UFO, Constellation, Meteor and Black Hole. Pick up the Planet for FREE right now in the Kiosk and consider buying the rest of the crew.

        We’ve also got some other funky new purchasables, like a punctuation sticker pack and some fresh menu updates where we’ll be announcing more cool things in the coming weeks.

        Hope you love it! Excited to see your astronomy postcards!


        PLANET (4) Good — Attracts all Bad Gubbins,pulling them to nearby spaces.
        Perfect to save your board from being messed with by most of the bad Gubs! The anti-bad-gub gub.

        UFO (2) Good — Removes 3 adjacent letters, on expiry replaces them with Pencils.
        Abducts letters, replacing them with a stronger more versatile race. How long have pencils seemlessly walked amongst our letter brethren?

        CONSTELLATION (4) Good — Moves randomly, leaving moveable letters behind.
        Detect patterns across the board and make some more words. Try moving the constellation in other ways to increase value.

        BLACK HOLE (2) Bad — Rotates the board to the right, and reverse it on expiration.
        This Gubbin’s largest impact is the psychic damage it inflicts when it lands.

        METEOR (3) Bad — Shuffles all adjacent tiles, and reverse it on expiration.
        Wait, where were those tiles again?


        Our new and improved dictionary will now generate cute easter egg responses to hundreds more words (thanks Nerdfighters), celebrated with a shiny new animation. Your responses we’re overwhelming and we’ve still got about a third to go through!

        The main menu has been updated! We’ve got a little newsfeed so you can see the shiny new things we get up to.

        New packs! The Punctuation Pack has loads of punc stickers to really express yourself; and the Chonkiest Bundle, Space Punc and Space Travel pack are great value ways to grab all the Gub fun you could want. Basically you’ll see different deals based on what you don’t have yet.

        Fixed issue with the Sock Gubbin not copying other Gubbins correctly and breaking the game.

            HOT FIX
            26 FEB 2024

            GUBBINS V1.0.8

            Great news, a patch just dropped with a few bug fixes and something very important— a major dictionary improvement. Firstly the peripherals.
            • Fixed a bug that caused the game to get stuck on launch if you're offline or have patchy internet
            • Various other bug fixes and under the hood improvements.


            If you’ve been playing Gubbins for a while and your vocab is tip top, you may have encountered situations where you make a valid word (as recognised by Google, the official dictionaries etc.) and Gubbins doesn’t recognise it as a “real” word. We know that committing to a totally 9-letter word and having the game not accept it can essentially ruin games so we’ve been doing a deep dive into this in hopes of solving it.

            Basically our dictionary is an amalgamation of a few free resources and a paid service. We’ve intentionally avoided incorporating dictionaries that are SO expansive, as they tend to include insane acronyms and garbage words. Including these would mean the game would accept almost any string of letters as a valid word, and is already its own issue (that people justifiably hate).

            It’s worth noting that this issue is deceivingly complex. We have multiple word lists for different situations, including blocked words, preferred “common” words for the game to generate for mechanics like the Pencil and more. Additionally, a single recent word someone submitted to us is “TRANCHING”. This word is listed in Google’s dictionary, along with dictionary dot com and Wiktionary, but not on Collins and Merriam Webster. I can personally verify that there is an insanely common case, and an unfathomable number of words appear in some dictionaries and not others. As a four person team making games and running a business, I’m sorry, but I don’t expect we will ever do *better* than Merriam of house Webster BUT we can certainly do better than what we’re doing now.

            (To our credit, I bet our word list is already much better than most of these at recent slang and colloquialisms)

            TLDR (AND TO WRAP UP)

            We’ve incorporated another massive dictionary into Gubbins, increasing our valid word pool by well over 20%, and we’ve done our best to remove the “junk words” from it (some would have slipped through, no doubt). On average, your valid words should be FAR MORE LIKELY to be accepted as valid but our dictionary will likely never be perfect, and will always be a work in progress. Thank you for your feedback on this front, we’re here, we’re listening, we’re workin’.

            As always please feel free to hit me with any Qs, if you find junk words you’d like to see REMOVED from the word list you can also submit those!


            We got you at:

                  PATCH NOTES
                  1 FEB 2024

                  Gubbins 1.0.7

                  Hello folks, HNY! just a littlish one here today, a more “back end” focused patch with a few quality of life features and some funky fresh Gubbintine content <3 Basically we’re in for the long haul and we’re trying to set ourselves up with systems to make supporting this game easy! We won’t rest until our dictionary is truly seamless and every little bug is thwarted.

                  We’re hard at work with a bigger, more content-oriented update (Gubs, perhaps??). We’ll keep you in the loop with what that’ll entail. As always please hit us with your questions and feature requests!

                  VALENTINE’S DAY STICKERS!

                  Send your loved one a cute little Gubbins postcard with our free, seasonal Valentines day stickers and backgrounds. These will be active in-game from the 4th to the 18th of February!


                  Over 1000 words have been added to the dictionary! Thank you kindly for using our word submission form.

                  Dictionary is now streamed from cloud hosting on startup. This will allow us to update the dictionary on the fly instead of relying on a new build. BETTER DICTIONARY HUZZAH!

                  GUBBINS RELATED ERRORS

                  Game will now attempt to catch gubbins related errors and show an alert to the user, ask them to report the bug, and then continue the game with the culprit tile removed. Hopefully you don’t see this, but if you do you have the opportunity to send us critical info required to solve the bug!

                  POSTCARD MAKER!

                  Added an “are you sure” prompt when leaving the postcard maker due to popular demand, making it harder to lose postcards + score screens you aren’t done with yet! FYI we’re considering more robust longer term solutions like a “previous game” catalogue or something similar too.

                  PUSH NOTIFS

                  We want to send you helpful and deranged notifications about Gubbins! You should get a popup about this when you start the game up, obvy feel free to deny our request.

                  MISC + FIXES

                  • Improved memory usage for Gubs and Stickers
                  • Turning off the “gatecrasher” anims now correctly works in the Accessibility Options
                  • Fixed the Car and Lightbulb Gubbins from getting confused and failing to solve longer words.
                  • Updated and improved our anagram tech generally, ensuring the game can more accurately detect and create valid words
                  • Filtered all words that include a Q without a following U from our “common words” list, preventing this letter sequence from appearing in tile generation.
                  • Removed SPICE from Chilli's generated word list.

                  GUB ON!


                  We got you at:

                        PATCH NOTES
                        18 DEC 2023

                        Gubbins 1.0.6

                        Merry Christmas and happy holidays folks. I just wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming support this year. It’s been a month since launch, and we’ve still been working really hard on rad stuff for you and we have a cool patch live RIGHT NOW.

                        Make sure you’re on the latest build and get stuck into it!


                        Tis the season! Limited time postcard stickers and backgrounds are available (and automatically unlocked) until the 7th of January, when they will disappear. Get stuck into Gubbins during the festive season and make delightfully seasonal postcards. Send them to us and everyone else you love.

                        9 x Stickers
                        3 x Backgrounds (with a bunch of different colour variants)

                        ACCESSIBILITY / SENSORY OPTIONS

                        Since launch we’ve had a lot of folks give us feedback around the visually “loud” nature of the game. Whilst we love where we’ve landed visually, we wanted to provide more options for folks who find some of the visual noise distracting or annoying. Here are the new options in the settings menu!

                        • Particles (Toggle the confetti off/on)
                        • Combo effects (Toggle the board colour shift during combo off/on)
                        • Screen wipes (Toggle the Gubbin avalanche screen wipes off/on)
                        • Gatecrashers (Toggle the random Gubbins that just pop up randomly when you’re thinking / playing off/on)

                        DAILY STREAK COUNTER

                        Added to the main menu. Streaks are continued EASILY by starting or finishing any game.

                        Don’t you dare let it drop back to zero, and don’t you dare email us asking to fix it if it does (we have no control here, we can’t help you).

                        END GAME ‘TABLE FLIP’

                        Now, Gubbins will expire after you’ve placed all valid tiles in the draw pile, even if they have charge left. So, if a lock jumps out on the last row and attempts to ruin a good combo, place every tile (before the FIN tile) and the lock will be dismissed.

                        OTHER COOL STUFF!

                        • HEAPS of dictionary additions. Please keep sending us words!
                        • Massive UI feedback updates across many areas of the game, as prompted by our tech overlords.
                        • Added Android back button support
                        • Added warning for placing FIN tile when there are words remaining on the board
                        • Update score display UI
                        • Updated tutorial cloud line weight
                        • Removed outline from gubbins screen
                        • Shop UI Updates
                        • Achievement banner now visible during unlock sequence
                        • Hateful word filter has been updated

                        BUG FIXES

                        • Fixes for Google Pixel Fold resolution
                        • Fix for grammar in Rollerskate description
                        • Fix for slight lag in animations
                        • Fix for "Saved to Photos" being captured in postcards
                        • Fix for clash between Rainbow and Sunshine Gubbins
                        • Fix for remaining sessions not updating at 3am
                        • Fix for hard lock caused by profanity detection on board
                        • Fix for Daily Game Mode panel and Score Postcard not reflecting archived daily game dates
                        • Fix for multitouch causing tiles to get dropped unintentionally
                        • Fix for localised months in Daily Archive menu
                        • Fix for full screen shop items creeping up the screen
                        • Fix for never ending Giant animations


                        We got you at:

                              1 NOV 2023


                              In case you missed it, a few important bug fixes are LIVE! Just navigate to your respective store pages and make sure you've downloaded the latest build (v0.227.9). Thank you for all the bug reports! We appreciate you early testers more than you know. You are the realest of real.

                              Navigate to your respective stores to ensure you're on the latest build, v0.227.9. This version number is now visible in the pause / settings menu as of this build too!

                              Happy gubbing. 

                              THE FIXES

                              • Fixed a bug that blocked purchases on iOS (Came with an "invalid Receipt" error message)
                              • Fixed a mean bug that would cause a complete loss of save data, and a progress reset
                              • Added version number to settings and pause menus
                              • Fix for the daily archive being off by one day
                              • Fixed a soft lock which could occur when unlocking an achievement and placing the FIN tile simultaneously
                              • Fixed a soft lock in the tutorial flow that could occur by rotating an unintended tile
                              • The reset data button is generally more robust
                              • Fixed touch detection on the in-game Gubbins Selection screen

                              THOUGHTS / FEELINGS / COMPLIMENTS / REQUESTS

                              We got you at: